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There is no Foley “type.” Our attorneys and staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. All, however, share several important qualities: intelligence, creativity, energy, dedication and a commitment to excellence. All Foley attorneys thrive in a challenging environment and practice law with the commitment that has built and sustained our singular reputation for over 30 years. We seek to find law students and attorneys who share our commitment.

John R. Foley, P.C. has consistently developed attorneys who provide the quality legal services. We start by hiring law students who have a record of hard work and commitment to expanding their knowledge and skills. And while seek out top talent, we recognize that this is not always reflected in a grade point average. We then work with the abilities and strengths of each attorney to incorporate them into our team of client oriented, results focused attorneys, who thrive in demanding circumstances.

If you come to work with us, you will be working with a team of dedicated and professional attorneys and staff. You will be expected to push your individual accomplishment, and to work with us to help sustain our strong record of firm achievement.

Training & Mentorship

Whether you are hired as a member of our staff, as an associate attorney, or as an intern, you can expect to receive training and mentorship to help you grow in your career, reach your potential, and expand your skillset.

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