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What Our Clients Say

I was going through a very difficult time and Patrick Foley not only helped fight to get me everything I wanted to ensure my child’s safety, but also was extremely concerned about the environment he was fighting to keep us from. He literally worked around the clock to build a solid case and expose all of the serious fears and dangers we were enduring and could endure in the future. I refer the Foley’s anytime anyone asks me for a Family Lawyer and let them know that I truly believe they’re the greatest. Whenever I called, he would be on the phone and if he wasn’t available that moment, their amazing staff would ensure the message was relayed and I would hear back from him promptly. I would never trust anyone else, Patrick Foley is the best!!! I am forever grateful to the Foley’s and all the hard work Patrick put in to make sure my son was in a safe and stable environment.

--Tory June--


Dispute Resolution Services

Our third party services put our experienced attorneys to work to help resolve your lawsuit while represented by other counsel.



Structured settlement negotiations with John R. Foley serving as the liaison, communicator, and evaluator.

Litigation with John R. Foley serving as the judge and trier of fact.


When John R. Foley is appointed to run, manage, investigate and/or liquidate a business or other valuable asset.

Discovery Master

When John R. Foley is appointed to coordinate the discovery process and flow of information in a case, and make decisions regarding disclosure and production.

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